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[audio]NRY 13 06 24 Tamuz 17 - Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg
Instructions for fast of 17th Tammuz.
Keywords: Fast; 17 Tammuz
Downloads: 153
[texts]Le culte et les fêtes d'Adônis-Thammouz dans l'Orient antique - Vellay, Charles, 1876-1953
"Bibliographie": p. [v]-xi
Keywords: Adonis; Tammuz (Deity); Cults
Downloads: 44
[texts]Le culte et les fêtes d'Adônis-Thammouz dans l'Orient antique - Vellay, Charles, 1876-1953
Book digitized by Google from the library of University of Wisconsin - Madison and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb.
Keywords: Adonis (Greek deity); Tammuz (Deity)
Downloads: 222
[texts]Tammuz and Ishtar : a monograph upon Babylonian religion and theology containing extensive extracts from the Tammuz liturgies and all of the Arbela oracles - Langdon, Stephen, 1876-1937

Keywords: Tammuz (Deity); Ishtar (Assyro-Babylonian deity); Babylonia -- Religion
Downloads: 1,807
[texts]Tammuz and Ishtar: a monograph upon Babylonian religion and theology, containing extensive extracts from the Tammuz liturgies and all of the Arbela oracles - Langdon, Stephen, 1876-1937
Book digitized by Google from the library of the University of California and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb.
Keywords: Assyro-Babylonian religion; Tammuz (Assyro-Babylonian deity); Ishtar (Assyro-Babylonian deity)
Downloads: 1,171
[audio]The Symbols of Our Faith - David Walters
A weekly Sabbath message by David Walters comparing the traditional symbols of modern Christianity with the symbols we are Commanded to use in the Scriptures and discusses the pagan origins of many symbols now associated with Judeo Christianity.
Keywords: Christian; Apostolic; Messianic; Bible; Sabbath; Prophecy; revelation; salvation; paganism; Tammuz; Ishtar; Easter; cross; stake; menorah; tzit tzit; mezzuzah
Downloads: 18
[audio]Jesus Myth - Part 2 - Zachary Moore
An examination of the collected arguments in favor of the Jesus Myth Hypothesis. This second part looks at the Arguments from Similarity, including the existence of dying and rising deities, legendary men, works of ancient fiction, and Jewish literary figures which existed prior to or contemporaneously with the Gospel writers.
Keywords: Jesus; myth; mythicism; mythicism; Osiris; Dionysus; Tammuz; Odyssey; Elijah; Moses; Joshua; Chaereas; Callirhoe; Apollonius; Asclepius; Romulus; Pythagoras
Downloads: 2,101
[texts]Mythology of All Races volume 5 - Stephen Herbert Langdon
Volume 5 (Boston, 1931; repr. 1964), Semitic Mythology, was written by the noted British Assyriologist Stephen Herbert Langdon. Contents include: Geography of Semitic-speaking peoples; The Sumero-Accadian Pantheon; The Legend of Etana and the Plant of Birth; The Myth of Adapa and Adam; The Sumerian Legends of Tagtug and Paradise; Legends of the Deluge; The Epic of Gilgamish; Legends of the Destruction of Men, or the Poem of Ea and Atarhasis; The Babylonian Epic of Creation and Similar Semitic My...
Keywords: Mythology; Myths; Folklore; Legends; Middle East; Middle Eastern; Sumerian; Babylonian; Assyrian; Accadian; Akkadian; Deluge; Flood; Gilgamesh; Ishtar; Tammuz; Ishtar
Downloads: 1,236
[audio]La Celebracion de la Navidad No Es Biblica - Eternal Gospel Church (CTA.SDR 241209)
La Celebracion de la Navidad (Cristes Maesse) no es una Doctrina de la Santa Biblia Maranatha! SALID a Recibirle! Mat. 25:6. Informacion Relevante: www.twitter.com/mercyclamor
Keywords: navidad; christmas; cristes maesse; jingle bell; nacimiento de jesus; natividad; baal; tammuz; tamuz; buenas nuevas; santa claus; papa noel; san nicolas; jesus; 25; diciembre; solsticio; saturnalia; sol; mitra; roma; catolico; tradicion; idolatria; abominacion; babilonia; babylon; rome, ocultismo
Downloads: 21
[texts]Myths of Babylonia and Assyria (Historical Narrative - Comparative Notes)
Author: Donald A. Mackenzie (with color and monochrome plates) Gresham Publishing Co., London (UK), 1917, 648 pp.
Keywords: Races and Early Civilization of Babylonia; Myths of Tammuz and Ishtar; Deified Heroes Etana and Gilgamesh; Wars of City States Sumer and Akkad; Rise of Hittites - Mitannians - Kassites - Hyksos; Laws of Hammurabi from Babylon; Ashur National God of Assyria; Age of Splendor and Demise
Downloads: 355
[texts]Cannabis and The Christ - Bennett, Chris
Keywords: Acts of Thomas; Adonis; Archontics; Aromatic Cane; Attis; Bang and Wine; Baptism; Baptism of Fire; Baptism of the Holy Spirit; Baptism of Water; Basra; Bet Shemesh; Bible; Books of Jeu; Calamus; Cannabis; Cassia; Christ; Christianity; Christos; Cinnamon; Dionysus; Entheogen; Eucharist; Exodus; Fuzuli; Galilee; Genesis; Gnostic Texts; Gospel of John; Gospel of Luke; Gospel of Mark; Gospel of Matthew; Gospel of Philip; Gospel of Thomas; Herbs; Holy Oil; Holy One; Holy Plant; Initiation; Irenaeus; Israel; John Allegro; kaneh-bosm; Kannabis; King David; King Solomon; Levite; Leviticus; marijuana; Messiah; Moses; Myrrh; Mystery of the Five Trees; Nag Hamadi Library; Nazareth; New Testament; Old Textament; Olive Oil; Osiris; Pistis Sophia; Pleroma; Psychoactives; Queen of Heaven; Roman Catholic Church; Sabat; Samuel; Satan; Saul; Second Book of Ieou; Sethians; Song of Songs; Spices; Spirit; Spiritual Chrism; Sufi; Tammuz; Testimony of Truth; The Anointed; The Book of the Law; Treasure of Light; Valentians
Downloads: 298
[texts]The Franklin Cover-up by Former Green Beret John DeCamp - decamp, children of the world, unicef, united nations, united states, politicians, evil people, satanismo, occultisme
The Franklin Cover-up by Former Green Beret John DeCamp. The book that exposes it all; and shows you where some of the other pieces are; not for the squeamish or the weak; find out about the secret & hidden networks of power, and what is the currency that makes the world go round; This is a tragic story of hidden political realities in the west by some who worship Satan and claim that they do no harm...
Keywords: Franklin; cover up; political scandal; intrigue; corruption; coruption; corupcion; corromption; corruptible; incorruptible; child love; sex abuse; sexe; mind control; intelligence; carnal; seven sins; going to hell; sesso; edward hunter; environmental; moloch; malchom; melchior; aspen; jesuits; Odin; tammuz; queensborough; ishtar; the devil; satan; potter occult; rites; yarker; nebraska politics; heartland political; international studies; international scandal; prince philip; prince charles; yockey; dope; carto; dutroux; windsor dynasty; saxe coburg; royal dutch; deutreu; deutreuz; pedofile; pedophile; pedophilia; clinically insane; abuse denial; aca; acoa; adult children alcoholics; domhoff; maconique; eric; franc macon; p2; mayfair; lucio gelli; woititz; eir; trilateral; hidden dangers; commission; executive intelligence; de camp; princeton; cherry; martyrs, synarchie; collar crimes; boys club; numeros; albion; not marines; boys town; counterfeit; false; estulin; lavage; evil; molesting; wicked; latter; rodney; springmeier; harmfull; richard; siecus; class; wired; northcom; alex; laud; alx; jones; stasi; young holocaust; martyrdom; mind warfare; dark ages; banquiers; la bete; umberto eco; did; d i d; sra; nkvd; ritual abuse; glenn; day; washington city; marcos; jorge bush; george bush; prescott bush; no justice; equity; london corporation; higham; epperson; Rendlesham; hidden hand; income tax; holocaust; mano blanco; cagoule; sexuel; rape; jezebel; nimrod; Semiramis; holder; feminism; feminist rights; femi; nazi; culte; Karl Shaw; kitty kelly; concentration camps; secrete societies; buenos aires; demoniaque; nunca mas; dignidad; impossible; luciferian; watergate; kay; jeffrey sachs; corrupt law; 666; narcostate; metropolis; ginsburg; paul cain; bickle; blame metro; rockefeller; stern gang; sutton; fascism; truman; geffen; eisenhower; des griffin; cantos; assange; eisenhauer; rothschild; david icke; none dare call; occupied territory; H G Wells; stratchey; keynes, bloomsbury; cliveden; mullens; Orwell; Huxley; Richard e Byrd; future shock; technotronic era; quigley; stronghold; 6:13; rushdoony; bennett; george schultz; martin borman; bundy; astor; mullins; edward mandell house; franken food; evil denial; roswell; genetically modified; moccata; prieure; skull bones; dave emory; usury; scroll key; branham; john warner; seminary; warcraft; psywar; departerning; narcotrafficking; evil triumph; fourth kind; courts martial; martial; thesis; college; pound; globalism; national socialist; morgan kahn; zocialisten; sigmund freud; orden; internal revenue; police state; fsb; degrelle; far left; talmudic; pratt dynasty; europa; royal dynasty; palmerston; hort; rashke; forth; 11; eleventh amendment; two babylons; hislop; farrell; bell; hyslop; basel; montauk; 417; 616; 1789; king george III; 1525; 1830; 1848; 1793; 1492; 1963; 1968; 1984; 2012; 2020; 2060; twea: title 50; rex 84; eugenics; russel sage; russel; mccain; liberace; royal; kings earth; seldes; rio tinto; conagra; monsanto; Ex Parte; violation; venitian; beecraft; koestler; fire minds; opiate; human hybrid; zohar, griggs; sion; propaganda; propagande; unlawfull; hunt; frankfurt school; hegelian; sanat; set; stargate; without marx; nebraskal talmud; alliance universelle; not jewish mafia; bilderberg; jasons; ufo abduction; searle; pentagon papers; lost tribes; syncretism; shinto; high places; suppressed; banned; rumsfeld; beck; romney; masson; cathy o brien; o brian; Roman cult; archbishop laud; unblock; freedom speech; blasphemy; vatican; malachi martin; bubeck; riggs; journaliste; demonic possession; oppression; ewan ewen cameron; sleep deprivation; UAV; kyoto protocols; unmanned aerial; wilhelm; reich; kuhn; totalitarian; totalist, esalen; big sur; 1960s; witness; eyewitness; chambers; trance formation; mark satin; spiritist; conspiracy; conspiracion; conspiration; globo; club of rome; dictatorship; Cristina; Fernandez; Kirchner; special forces; holotropic; emergent; Deutsch; dutch; surveillance; roosevelt; thayer; tavistock; our crowd; illuminati; bayern; generational; schiff loeb; tnec; basel; bcci; international settlements; jim marrs; goldman sachs; presentment; royal dynasty; james; krupp; bohlen; trimm; inquicision; catholica; cartel; juifs; kartel; Dissociative; limits growth; Sargent; nobel prize; Witchcraft; wicca; juden; australian freedom; Carl Schmitt; bronfman; hayek; foster alan dulles; vril; hesse; monopoly; nugan hand; Leo Strauss; weinberger; kennedy oswald; garrison; bloodline; insanity; doubling; personality splitting; Lansdale; Carl Rogers; Schrag; bushby; avro; psicoherejia; comitatus; federal reserve; paper money; john adams; Jackson second bank; MKULTRA; perle; douglas feith; enabler; mary jane; artichoke; neocon; second brigade; haas; state planning; do no harm; coronation; janus; van der post; yezidis; marchetti; agee; caib; caq; Eysenck; asylum; not; insane; reptilian; frank church; trotski; safehouse; juifs; guerre conquete; Ken Wilber; HRH Duke; seven sisters; soljenitsyne; Goulag; Sandoz psilocybin; Wessex; paganism; neo pagan; druid; druidic; Stockholm; dictature; italien; bobgan; kings europe; perpetuation dynasty; amsterdam; begich; Mindszenty; enterres; la verite; belgique enfants; armes secretes; matin des magiciens; sabelilan; Collins; Behavior-modification; extra-terrestres; fukayama; la papaute; Queen Victoria; Bernard Lewis; Schleswig Holstein; Battenberg; Mountbatten; Van Duyn; corruption; skynet; matrix; amsterdam; begich; Mindszenty; enterres; la verite; Search Manchurian; Spiritual Warfare; pullman; Chawkin; mears; Tugendbund; dark materials; Illuminates; Ordo Illuminatorum; Carrico; Eisenhower; Weishaupt; thought reform; tom horn; Estabrooks; sorciers; Fuerteventura; Pinochet; Jean Piaget; Jay Lifton; dizdar; rainer moellers; wierwille; Edward griffin; golitsyn; gemstone; habeas corpus; fractured mirror; Pervitin; der spiegel; Furniss; sorcellerie; Sklar
Downloads: 2,394 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
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